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Should you buy new or pre-owned?

This question is just about as controversial as "to be or not to be."  Deciding which is best for you is a very personal decision.  Here are few facts to help you decide the best match for you.

New Home

    You Personalize - Depending on what stage of construction the home is in, you can design a home to reflect your individual style and needs.

    Full Warranty - Many builders have extensive warranties which offer you peace of mind that you new home will last.

    Energy Savings - Let's face it, we are living in a fast paced world where things change constantly.  Newer energy-efficient technology for heathier homes and energy savings can be found with new construction.

    Special Financing  - In many cases the builders have special incentives and programs that offer you better financing options, with the ability to lock in your rate while you build, plus lower monthly payments.  Builders will often contribute money towards closing costs as well.

    Current Home Designs - Builders today are making the trends not following them.  You will have a great selection of floorplans designed for the way you live your life today.

Pre-Owned Home

    You Inherit - An existing home may or may not encompass your personal taste.  The previous owners chose the colors, carpet, etc.  You also take on the challenge of any upgrades and improvements that need to be made. 

    Limited Warranty - Most homes are only covered for minor repairs in the first year of ownership.  Some newer construction may include the balance of the structural warranty.

    Outdated Technology - Homes built before 2002 have higher energy costs, because many of the energy saving features had not been included yet.  Older homes also lack today's features in appliances.

    Established Neighborhoods  - One advantage to pre-owned homes is more mature trees and landscaping.  If a pool in the backyard is a must, only pre-owned will already have them.

    Planning - Older homes have different plan designs than today's newer homes.  Some like the charm of older homes, with traditional, less open floorplans. 
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