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What is Involved in Buying a Home?
keysPurchasing a home is a big decision that involves various steps along the way.  Having a buyer's representative on your side makes the process smooth and greatly reduces any associated stress.  We at North Texas Home Finders take a great deal of pride in the fact that we stand by our clients from the beginning of the process to the end.  We are always there to answer questions and to solve problems.  When you agree to work with us, you know that your interests will be looked after.  Most people are amazed that our service is free to the buyer. 

Here is a general idea of what you can expect in purchasing your home:

Step 1 - Choosing the right Agent

The first step in the home buying process is choosing an Agent to represent you and your interests.  Many people don't realize that there is no cost to the buyer to be represented in the home buying process.  It is important to choose someone who is an expert in the market and in the side of the process you are involved in (if you are buying, have a buyer's agent represent you on that side of the transaction).

Step 2 - Educating your Agent

This step is vital because it allows your buyer's representative to properly conduct a search and screen potential properties.  A good real estate agent will conduct an extensive interview with you so that he or she can represent you properly.  It is important that you take this step seriously because it will help you avoid problems down the road.

Step 3 - Discovering your Purchasing Power

Getting pre-qualified is a step that is sometimes ignored or pushed back further in the process.  If you've chosen the right agent, they will not allow this to happen.Before beginning the search for the perfect home, you must know how much home you can afford.  Also, and more importantly, a pre-qualified buyer is in a much better position to get a great deal on a home.

Step 4 - Searching for and Finding your New Home

If you are asked to take an extremely active role in this step, you may have chosen the wrong agent.  Unfortunately, many agents expect the client to do a lot of the searching.  At North Texas Home Finders we allow you to enjoy the home buying process.We do not expect you to find the home because that is OUR job!  We are experts in the market and we have relationships that will allow us to find a great home for you at a great price.  We use the information gathered during Step 2 to properly screen properties and bring you only the very best deals.

Step 5 - Completing the Purchase Agreement

Once your home has been identified, your agent will assist you in the completion of all documents needed to secure the property for purchase.

Step 6 - Meetings, Inspections, Final loan approval

This step varies on a case-by-case basis and depends on a number of factors.  Your agent should be there to assist you with all aspects of this step.  Many traditional agents seem to disappear once a purchase agreement has been completed.North Texas Home Finders agents know that after the purchase agreement is signed, our work is just beginning.  We are there for you during all meetings involving your new home and the final loan package used to purchase it.

Step 7 - Closing on your home

Many people view the closing as a stressful experience.  We at North Texas Home Finders make sure our clients view the closing as an exciting event.  We are there with you at closing, so you have no worries that everything is done correctly.Once the paperwork has been completed, you get the keys to your brand new home.

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